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To-Love-Ru manga chapter 117

Posted in manga by utstak on September 24, 2008

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Nana has followed Haruna back to her apartment, where Haruna offered to wash and dry Nana’s wet clothes. As the clothes are being washed, Nana meets Haruna’s older sister Akiho. Akiho immediately pulls Nana into her arms and comments on how the little princess is a cutie just like Lala. Haruna tells her sister to stop, but Akiho teases Haruna by saying that Haruna liked to be hugged when whe was little. Through these interactions, Nana realizes that Haruna loves Akiho, just like how Nana herself loves Lala. Haruna’s dog Maron inserts himself into the conversation by grabbing hold of Nana’s tail. After Haruna removes Maron from Nana, Akiho leaves the apartment for a date (hinted to be with Yu Kotegawa, Yui’s older brother). Now that Akiho is gone, Nana asks Haruna about her feelings for Rito. Haruna is shocked that Nana knows about her feelings, and Nana reveals that she heard it from Maron. Nana doesn’t understand why Lala and Haruna like Rito, since Rito seems to be just an average guy who doesn’t stand out. Haruna states that she likes Rito because she always have a warm and calm feeling when she’s Rito. As expected, the young Nana doesn’t get what Haruna means, so Haruna suggests to Nana to spend more time with Rito. Nana changes topics and asks why Haruna hasn’t confessed her feelings. Haruna admits to Nana that part of the reason is that she doesn’t want to lose Lala as a friend. Deep in her own heart, Haruna questions herself about whether she can be a true friend to Lala if she doesn’t reveal her true feelings.

Kawaii!!! Nana in Haruna’s old clothes is just irresistible.

After her clothes have been dried, Nana departs from Haruna’s apartment to go back to Rito’s house, but she is forced to seek shelter when it starts to rain. To Nana’s surprise, Rito has come out to look for her. As Rito hands Nana an umbrella, Nana takes a moment to think about what Haruna said about the warm and calm feeling when she’s with Rito. However, the young Devilukean princess quickly snaps out of it and once again belittles Rito in typical fashion.

Looks like it’ll take a while for Nana to see Rito in a different light. Then again, maybe it’s better for Rito that Nana doesn’t like him, since it’s not as if he doesn’t have enough girls to worry about. I was hoping that this chapter will lead somewhere about Haruna’s feelings for Rito, but disappointingly the chapter didn’t state anything new. On another note, Haruna’s flirtatious sister Akiho is going on a date with Yui’s bad boy brother Yu!? I don’t think Yui will approve. Well then again she doesn’t really approve of anything that her brother does.


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