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Bleach manga chapter 327 online

Posted in Bleach by utstak on September 25, 2008

Bleach manga chapter 327 out! You can read Bleach manga chapter 327 online or download In English.

Bleach manga chapter 327 summary;

Hisagi and Kira brought Yumichika to where Ikkaku was.

They released their swords on the way there and were astonished by how big Po had become before their eyes.

Ikkaku and Iba were also surprised, so Iba took Ikkaku with him and ran away.

Ikaku got mad at Iba who escaped because he didn’t want to fight with the opponent who just blew a captain away.

Komamura captain returned while Po was swinging his arm downward. He then managed to grasp his arm and hurled him away.

Later, Komamura told Iba not to leave, but to stand behind him.

Iba replied “yes sir!!”

Po who was thrown away stood up and told Komamura “I was surprised but there was no damage! Insect! It was too shocked that it made me want to yawn.” Then, Po was going to shoot a cero from his mouth.
However, Komamura released his bankai.

It was so big that it made Po suddenly stop shooting his cero.

Po seems to be really shocked and wondered about who Komamura is exactly. He raised his arms overhead while speaking. Komamura stated his name and his position “It’s embrarassing, but like you said this is a man thats like an insect” Then, he crushed Po by the sword of his bankai, Kokujoutengenmyouou. The End!


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