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One Piece manga chapter 518

Posted in One piece by utstak on October 9, 2008
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One Piece manga chapter 518  out ! Now you can read One Piece manga chapter 518  online or download in English.

One Piece 518 summary;

Luffy who sees Hancock’s back doesn’t perish after all.
Hancock says she’d rather die then let anyone see her back and live, she lunges at Luffy.
A ‘Mero Mero’ attack hits him [what the, is it Noro Noro?] I was too hasty, I need to calm down [?] what was with that weird face.
Hancock is surprised her ‘Mero Mero’ attacks were ineffective.
Luffy quickly escapes the bathroom, but is later recaptured and taken to an arena to be executed.
Hancock questions Luffy on what his objectives are, Margaret apologizes for failing to protect everyone, as does that noisy woman and the giant woman.
Hancock turns those three to stone
A dark monster that is used for these execution rituals tries to kill him. But Luffy binds him up with a snake and takes it down with a large blow.
Hancock tries ‘Mero Mero’ again, but as expected it failed [Gaben (shock sfx)] she makes a really weird face.
The two Boa sisters arrive
With a giant snake, it finishes there












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